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Professional Carpet Installation for Brilliant, Ohio

Are you looking for carpet installation near Steubenville, Ohio?

If so, call Peterson’s Flooring & More, the team of experts you can trust for great carpets. A home or business’ carpet can collect dirt, dust and acquire heavy wear and tear through the years. Peterson’s Flooring & More will help you replace your home’s current carpet resulting in a fresh new look. Get in touch for more information about professional carpet installation services for Brilliant, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. Call our office in Steubenville, Ohio, at (740) 264-7664 or contact us online

Our Team Can Do Any Kind of Carpet Installation

Peterson’s Flooring & More’s team of highly-trained professionals have the tools and skills to install any kind of carpet. We only use top-of-the-line tools and accessories to install our customer’s carpet exactly how they want it. Our team takes great pride in providing superior customer service on a daily basis for every project. Your carpet will be successfully installed, cleaned, and looking as great as possible before we leave.

We will ensure that your carpet is installed, cleaned, and looking as great as possible before we leave. 

Carpet Flooring Offers An Array of Benefits

Here at Peterson’s Flooring & More, our custom quality carpets offer significant benefits to your home. The following are the main carpet categories, one of which is sure to add spice to your space: 


The velvety look and feel of smoothly cut yarns. It may be deeply or lightly textured to create a fresh, easy-care surface. 



The twist is back in this lighthearted carpet trend. This relaxed but elegant carpet trend is sumptuous to the touch.



Modern interpretation of handcrafted styling. Great for active areas where you want less sophistication without worry. 



Cut and uncut loops form distinctive designs for decorating with originality and flair. 

Find the Carpet Type That Fits Your Home Activities

Here at Peterson’s Flooring & More, customers will find the right carpet that fits their home’s personality and activities. Check out the following carpet types and what they are best used for: 


Stain Resistant

Fiber-washed, Scotchgard-protected polyester resists stains to keep your carpet looking like new. It is great for quiet or social spaces with moderate to low traffic, like bedrooms, offices, and TV rooms. 


Wear Resistant

Pets and kids are no match for resilient nylon; it resists crushing and matting and is performance tested to stand up to the heaviest traffic. It is great for areas that see a lot of action, like living rooms, hallways, stairs, and playrooms. 


Stain and Wear Resistant

With excellent durability and built-in stain and soil resistance, our premium fiber resists stains and wear without sacrificing softness. Great for any room or activity level, as this type of carpet fiber takes dining room spills and heavy traffic in stride. 

Along With Carpeting, Peterson’s Also Does Vinyl and Tile Flooring

If you are in the market for new vinyl flooring in your home or business, look no further than Peterson’s Flooring & More. We carry a variety of vinyl flooring options that are sure to make your home or business look attractive. Peterson’s Flooring & More also installs tile flooring for various homes and businesses. Tile is the perfect flooring choice for kitchen and bathroom remodels as it offers a sleek design and easy installation. Come and visit us during regular business hours if you live in the following cities: 

Jefferson County, Ohio 




Harrison County, Ohio 




Hancock County, WV




Call Peterson’s Flooring & More for Quality Carpet Installation Near Steubenville, Ohio.